Cupid Got Lost

First message on OKCupid…

and the guy is looking for a sister wife.

*head desk*

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Back in the dating world.

So I’ve decided to rejoin the online dating world.

I promise to keep you updated on all of the juicy details.


Why did I stop talking to you again?

Oh right.  You went APE SHIT when I told you I did not want to hang out.

A year later, you’re no different.

Man up and don’t have a cow when someone isn’t interested.  That’s the way dating works.  Get over it.

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So a guy and I had a date scheduled for Saturday...and then this happened:

Guy: Any chance you want to meet halfway for dinner Thursday night (we live 40 min. apart)
Me: That could work. Did your weekend get busy?
Guy: Nope...just didn't want to wait until Saturday. Saturday is still in full effect. :)
Me: *melts*

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I realized I haven’t been on here in a while…

Mostly because I haven’t been dating.  I have taken a break from the online dating scene and therefore, I have no new stories to tell.  

Rest assured that once the dating spree starts again, I will share them!

In the mean time, you can hear about my goings-on at

See you there!

When looking for a Halloween costume as a woman your choices are:




Major Cleavage

Major major cleavage

Short with cleavage

Sumo wrestler

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10 day challenge - Day 2

Nine things about myself:

  1. I am 25
  2. My toenails are painted black and my fingernails are painted red.
  3. I really hate wooden spoons - the texture gives me the willies
  4. I have a cupcake business.
  5. I have a hammock on my apartment balcony
  6. Dexter is one of my all time favorite tv characters.
  7. I like dark and twisty.  See above
  8. I don’t have a favorite color.
  9. I could really use some….sexy time. 


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How to know when a woman is mad..


I think when I get my real job in January, with my first real paycheck, rather than getting myself a pair of Manolos, I’m gonna do the sign on the airplane thing :) haha …fuckin watch that shit happen!!! Flyin right ovaaa yo house loserrrrr!

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10 day challenge - Day 1

I don’t have much dating news to report so I thought I would jump on the wagon and do this challenge.  :)

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now:

1. I get excited every time that I know I will see you.

2. You are too small town for me.

3. I love you.

4. It is none of your business.

5. You’re my favorite.

6. I wish it had worked out.

7. I miss you but I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t.

8. This situation makes me nervous.

9. You are wrong.

10. I miss you!

My Saturday night has been spent watching Dexter and playing Angry Birds


After seeing the amazing sunset at the beach, of course.

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